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It's More Than Just Running...

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Trail running provides some of the best physical and mental health benefits of any exercise. Not only does it gives you a chance to explore the splendid beauty of nature, but it allows you to improve your overall health as well. Below are just a few of the many benefits trail running can provide.

Give your brain a workout

Cardio exercises like trail running is a feast for your brain. Just like the body, the brain has a decent amount of functions to handle. And one possibly can’t manage the bad effects of a poor cognitive system.

Running helps with reducing anxiety and depression and has been proven as an effective stress management therapy. The trail environment is very tranquil and it soothes your mind. Thus reducing stress.

A study sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine has revealed that exercise has a very positive effect on the cognitive functioning of older adults.

Torch calories

Some people exercise to increase their stamina, others do it only for the sake of losing weight. Trail running is a proven solution for that. It can burn many more calories than many other forms of exercise or training. The effort one puts while running on the on technical trails, boosts the bodies ability to torch up more calories.

A study from Canadian Science Publishing, has found that trail running increases the level of heat shock protein which regulate glucose and fat metabolism. Thus, trail running is very helpful in boosting ones metabolic rates.

Increase longevity.

Who wouldn’t love to live a healthier and longer life? Everyone would, right.

It is said that people who live close to nature live longer and healthier.

Brings adventure to exercise.

Ever wonder why most people who start at a gym or new workout routine usually give up on it within a month or two? My theory is they get bored... They go to the same place, hop on the same treadmill, and run in place for the same amount of time. No matter how much they or their trainer (if they have one) motivates them for doing the workout they don’t like, they won’t stick to it.

If one really want to achieve something from cardio exercises, then bring some adventure into it. Trail running provides a way to explore new places in nature. It's a way to get away from all the mundane and boring workouts.

Improves the respiratory functions.

While running the streets of highly populated towns and cities is still a great workout, did you ever think about the quality of air you are putting in your lungs? From the carbon monoxide emission from all the cars to the waste being emitted from industry, getting out into nature is a great way to escape all that and give the lungs a breath of really fresh air and help strengthen the bodies respiratory function.

Strengthen your joints.

The strength and endurance that is gained from trail running helps provide strength to the joints. It actually can reduce the risk of rolled ankles, twisted knees and many other joint related issues due to the strengthening it provides.

Also most trail surfaces are softer than pavement. Because of that, it reduces the amount of shock placed on the joints. This can prove to be very beneficial if you want to keep running for a long time without injury.

Make leg muscles stronger and improves stamina.

Running provides a better chance to improve the stability and strength of our leg muscles. It works the slow twitch muscle fibers for stamina and more fast, volatile movements which are required to work the fast twitch muscle fibers that builds muscle, improves strength, and increases overall stamina.

Running on decline paths forces the quad muscles to act as brakes when one go downhill. On the contrary, running uphill puts a lot of stress on the glutes and help the body in convey climbs.

Also, trails with a lot of elevation change help in stabilizing and engaging the calve muscles.

Trail running also incorporates jumping and sprinting which help in regulating the fast twitch fibers and taking the lower body endurance to next level.

Final Thoughts

As you can see these are just a few of the many benefits of trail running. Trail running provides a great way to escape the stresses of society, to unplug from the busyness, and to explore nature. It does this all while at the same time providing a fantastic workout for the body, sole, and mind. So with all that being said,

Get out and run trails, be fit, and stress less.

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